Ersties Claire 31 year old - Masturbation - 21 December 2020 (1080p/photo)

22-12-2020, 11:09
Claire from near Cologne has always had thoughts of making sexy videos but has never dared to do so… until she met Ersties and thought, now is the time! We’re happy because the world shouldn’t miss out on her super hot curves in her first shoot with us!
Ersties Claire 31 year old - Masturbation

A Sexy Nurse and Her Toys
It is an honour for us if girls decide to have their first experience in front of the camera with us. Claire from Western Germany has always had thoughts of making sexy videos but was always a little too shy. Now she is more than ready, and you can expect this to be the hottest first shoot you will see today! After years of feeling uncomfortable in her own body Claire is now at a point where she accepts and loves herself more than ever, a feeling the brunette wants to share with the Ersties world. Well, those sexy curves shouldn’t be hidden from anybody! The 31 year old has also brought two of her toys that stimulate her clit, vagina AND anus, giving her amazing orgasms. Claire likes it all natural, without any frills and especially on her own. We are already enthusiastic about her and can’t wait to see what will come next with the German sex bomb!
Ersties Claire 31 year old - Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Claire, Au Naturel
Everything given by nature attracts Claire’s attention. For example, coconut oil has a lot of possible uses, like being extremely good as lube for her toys, two of which she has brought with her today. For the cute German, sexuality is something not spectacular but very important and necessary. According to her motto “go big or go home,” she shows us today how you can use a vibrator in many different ways for lots of orgasms!
Ersties Claire 31 year old - Masturbation

Intimate Moments: “Go Big or Go Home!”
31-year-old Claire has had a lot of sexual experiences and in her first shoot for Ersties she wants to show us the role that toys have in her sex life. The brunette feels completely content in her awesomely curvy body, which is beautifully decorated with intimate piercings and tattoos. She obviously enjoys every second she is on the bed, especially when adding her big vibrator for some more intense feelings… that come together as a super orgasm!
Ersties Claire 31 year old - Masturbation

Intimate Moments: A Banana for Super Orgasms
Well, Claire is not using a real banana but you can let your imagination run wild! After a little refreshment the German girl’s lust is not yet satisfied, and she is excited about what the neon yellow toy can do. Claire is horny and tries out every possibility the toy can give her: clitoral, vaginal and even anal stimulation...
Ersties Claire 31 year old - Masturbation

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