Ersties Emily and Joana Lesbian - 23 December 2020 (1080p/photo)

24-12-2020, 01:52
An afternoon coffee party with a twist! Emily has a surprise for her super cute friend Joana who is shy… but only at first. A double first time at Ersties with a lot of tenderness should not be missed!
Ersties Emily and Joana Lesbian

Joana’s Double First Time
When it’s about a first time here at Ersties we always feel very excited. When it’s about a double first time we honestly feel very honoured! Ersties girl Emily invited her friend Joana for an afternoon tea party, but she didn’t know that next to the coffee and our camera there would be another surprise… because who can resist a girl like Emily?! The first time with a woman and the first time with a strap-on. Not only are both girls excited, we bet the Ersties community is too. 18-year-old German girl Joana would like to try many things and outdoor sex, BDSM and a threesome are just some of them. We are certain that after this shoot her list will only grow. Any of those not convinced by all of this should know that Emily’s and Joana’s shoot is also the epitome of tenderness. When the cutest girls on Ersties meet, it’s not that surprising…
Ersties Emily and Joana Lesbian

From Lack of Experience to Love of Experimentation
It’s not a secret that Ersties girl Emily can’t get enough of us… and it’s mutual! Today we present a very special shoot with her and super cute, blue-eyed Joana. The 18-year-old describes herself as inexperienced but loves her toys and sex with boys. And as to how she likes it with girls… Well, Emily can call herself very lucky to be the first!
Ersties Emily and Joana Lesbian

An Afternoon Coffee Party with a Twist!
When Emily invites friends into her home she always thinks of something more than just drinking coffee. Today her cute friend Joana sits at her table, like Snow White with her black hair and porcelain skin, without knowing how her day will go… Joana’s first time with a girl turns out to be full of tenderness, even after Emily gets out her strap-on that both girls want to use immediately.
Ersties Emily and Joana Lesbian

Tender is the Evening
What began stunningly in the kitchen continues in Emily’s bedroom. Aside from tender touches and kisses, Joana dares to seduce her blonde friend with her tongue. This seductive shoot is a give and take between two beautiful girls and part of what makes this shoot even more amazing is how much Joana likes to give it to Emily with a strap-on...
Ersties Emily and Joana Lesbian

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