Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise - 24 December 2020 (1080p/photo)

25-12-2020, 03:55
Sensual holiday toys, naughty Christmas elves and many other erotic treats! As Ersties’ Christmas present to you, we’re giving you 10 videos to enjoy the biggest holiday of the year.You get to vote for the Ersties girls that gave you the biggest surprise.
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

A Very Special Christmas

Dear friends,
Well, where to start?! Firstly, we would like to send our best wishes to all our members. We hope you are all keeping safe and well. Secondly, we think we can all agree that 2020 has been and still is a unique, challenging and difficult year for everyone. It was a year full of doubts, fear, loss and reorientation. Collectively we have all had to deal with life-changing events, but it finally looks like there is light at the end of what, in some dark hours, seems to be a never-ending tunnel. We realize that there are far bigger issues at hand than porn currently but we at Ersties, like all of you, did have our battles to make sure we were keeping our community happy. How do we keep sharing truly empowering erotic experiences with our faithful Ersties community? How do we make sure that all of our models are extra safe and tested during a global pandemic? These were just a couple of challenges that we had to overcome on our part. So, we did what we do best… stayed positive, put our heads together; not too close of course; to ensure that we collectively continue to provide the most authentic natural porn there is… Despite all of the madness, we hope to have brought you a small ray of sunshine in recent months. We will continue to keep doing what we do best which is to bring a smile to all your gorgeous faces! Lastly, we want to say a HUGE thank you on behalf of all of us here at Ersties. Thank you to all the heroic first responders, frontline and essential workers who take risks to make sure we and our families are taken care of. We are sincerely inspired and humbled by you all! In this time and with events beyond our control, the only thing we can do is to do our best by being the best possible version of ourselves, to stand with the people we believe in, doing what we believe in and hoping that the sum of all this will make the future better and brighter.
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

Your Hottest Christmas Present and Competition!
These ten videos are our Christmas present to you. We have lots of delectable goodies for you such as Lana, who will show you what happens when Santa comes to visit naughty Ersties girls in a crazy roleplay and Felicia & Lina, who give each other several orgasms with intense double penetration. Those are just some of the surprises waiting for you! There are many other beauties ready to spoil you with sweet solo shows and kinky toy gifts.

Vote for your favorite videos!
The girls have gone to great lengths to make their videos for your pleasure, but also because we have a competition here at Ersties. They’re relying on you, the Ersties community, to vote for the hottest show and decide which of the ladies will go home with a beautiful prize. We award a trophy in two categories: You can pick the hottest solo clip and choose the most adorable girl-girl video. You can vote up until New Year’s Eve using the star system under the videos. In the new year, the winner will thank you for the well-deserved Christmas bonus with a small greeting message. We look forward to your reviews and hope for a fun and kinky Christmas, Ersties style.
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

Ersties Xmas Surprise: A Very Special Christmas Surprise
Claire and Zoe get along so well and have so much in common that their first shoot together is a celebration of surprises! From cosy cuddling on the sofa to amazing facesitting to another present appearing from under Zoe’s apron…
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

Ersties Xmas Surprise: Tinsel Bondage? Definitely With Delfine and Katie!
The best thing about Christmas? Definitely the food for Delfine and the glittery decorations for Katie. Luckily the two girls also have some things in common… in a cute role play with blindfolds, POV action and Delfine decorated like a sexy Xmas tree, they can’t stop making each other horny as fuck! Happy Christmas!
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

Ersties Xmas Surprise: A Naughty Xmas Angel
A cute angel in a white winter wonderland is a must for Christmas! This time of the year is very special for Evie so she was excited to create something festive and kinky for us. With those heavenly orgasms she’ll definitely be put on the naughty list!
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

Ersties Xmas Surprise: Two Naughty Girls under the Christmas Tree
It’s Christmas and that means presents, treats and fun! Julia and Victoria really enjoy spending this special time together, especially if there are presents that they’re able to open and play with immediately. A naughty card game, hot outfits and toys that, in addition to amazing oral sex make the festive season even better! Merry Xmas!
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

Ersties Xmas Surprise: Sexy Angels
Our two Christmas angels Kate and Nicky defy the circumstances of this year’s Christmas season. Dressed in high heels and their most beautiful dresses, they met to bake Christmas cookies. While the pair knead the dough, roll it out and cut out Santa Clauses, they start getting horny... In this Intimate Moment, it's not just the cookies that get hot.
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

Ersties Xmas Surprise: Santa Baby, There Is a Present Waiting for You!
Come on, Santa, hurry down that chimney tonight, there is a hot little present waiting for you under the tree! All year long Lana has tried so hard to be an awfully good girl so that Santa comes to visit her. When he arrives she will seduce him, please him, tease him and spread her legs in front of his bearded face. In this Intimate Moment, the chimney won’t be the only hole that Santa explores tonight. But the biggest highlight: Santa is gonna be played by you!
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

Ersties Xmas Surprise: Hot Toys Make Hot Gifts
Join Felicia and Lina as they spend their first Christmas together. The lockdown has been a great bonding experience and given them sexual adventures in abundance, but the year is not over yet and there are still a few gifts to exchange! The bedroom has already been decorated, the fairy lights are sparkling and the dildo is ready, all that remains to do is the unwrapping – and not just the gifts!
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

Ersties Xmas Surprise: Where Are You, Santa Baby?
Luna feels so completely alone around Christmas time, because the only person Luna can think of and who can take away her loneliness is constantly on the run during the holidays. While Luna sits under the Christmas tree writing love letters and thinking back to nights full of unrestrained passion, Santa squeezes through millions of chimneys and bakes tonnes of delicious ginger cookies using a secret recipe. But a present from last year helps Luna enjoy the long wait until her Santa baby hurrys down her chimney again.
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

Ersties Xmas Surprise: Sugar Sweet
Christmas is the best time of the year for 22-year-old Luna from Germany. Luna just loves to be cuddly and to snuggle up in her bed at home. Because the thought of being watched while masturbating makes Luna hot, she pleasures herself in this special Intimate Moment. Spread out on a cosy fur carpet under her decorated Christmas tree, Luna gives herself the royal treatment with a candy cane and anal dildo.
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

Ersties Xmas Surprise: “Let’s Get Cosy…” With Olivia’s Xmas Special
Father Christmas had something in mind when he put more than one toy into Olivia’s gift box. For the purpose of a cosy, splashy and delightful Christmas evening, obviously all of the presents have to be tested… get ready for a celebration of moaning where nobody comes off empty handed!
Ersties Ersties Christmas Surprise

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ComfortZone 26 December 2020 14:36
Thank you Santa for an amazing collection of Christmas Ersties. When I made my Ersties list I put Evie at top because she is one of the best on solo play. I'm a good boy innocent so Evie is also present on this hot collection. Thanks.
Irishka 26 December 2020 17:42
Yes, Evie is very cute, little angel innocent
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