Ersties Luna A. 22-year-old Masturbation - 25 January 2021 (1080p/photo)

26-01-2021, 02:00
22-year-old Luna looks like she has come straight out of a hentai, lying on her bed in her white stockings and short skirt and caressing her pierced vagina. Luna is here to show you how sexy a school girl fantasy can be!
Ersties Luna A. Masturbation

Women’s Bodies and Soulful Men
Feminine bodies attract Luna. Although the 22-year-old is in a relationship with a man, Luna finds women’s bodies much more sensual and beautiful. Luna has a very detailed idea of what her dream woman would look like, which is why it often takes her a while to find the right porn film. When she finally finds a film with a woman she likes, she watches it many times before looking for a new one again. Luna has discovered the world of gaming, and the highlight for her is a VR game in which she can create her very own hentai dream woman that she can move around. Luckily for those of us who don’t have access to a VR headset, we have Luna who is more than happy to move her sexy body all around for us!
Ersties Luna A. Masturbation

Luna's Dream Woman in VR
Luna has always felt attracted to feminine bodies. For Luna, the female body is so much more beautiful, sensual and exciting than it’s male counterpart. In addition to the real world, Luna has also discovered a hentai game with a VR headset, in which she can create her very own dream woman. Luna has a very specific idea of what kind of woman she finds attractive. We like a girl who knows what she likes!
Ersties Luna A. Masturbation

Short Skirt and White Stockings
Luna is into hentai girls and if you are too, then you’re in the right place with Luna! Luna herself looks like she has just emerged from a sexy Japanese manga with her short skirt and white stockings. She sensually caresses her pierced vagina from behind and then masturbates passionately with a dildo and vibrator.
Ersties Luna A. Masturbation

Luna All in White
After Luna has taken off her white stockings and top, she caresses her whole body including her shaved vagina in doggy style, before she makes herself climax with her Magic Wand.
Ersties Luna A. Masturbation

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