Ersties Eve S and Sasha Lesbian - 26 January 2021 (1080p/photo)

27-01-2021, 00:14
Ersties Eve S and Sasha Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Two Wet Parisians
Sasha and Eve have a lot in common. They both live in Paris, love shopping and travelling and work in the fashion industry. They’re both in monogamous relationships, they’re bisexual, love sex and they are so skinny that they both agree they’re able to skip exercise during lockdown without any remorse. There is so much lust between the two young Parisian beauties, Eve experiences such an intense orgasm that her body surprises her with an incredible squirt! Sacha doesn’t miss out either, coming twice because Eve can’t get enough of her pussy. This Intimate Moment is filled with lust, french beauty, spit and other exciting liquids.
Ersties Eve S and Sasha Lesbian Ersties Eve S and Sasha Lesbian
It's getting wet here. And we don’t just mean the weather! Our two beautiful Parisian women Sacha and Eve have so much fun getting wet with saliva and squirting, it’s enough to make you wet too!
Ersties Eve S and Sasha Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Nice Panties and Hard Slaps
The two Frenchwomen Sasha and Eve are of course into fashion and shopping. In a city like Paris, how can it be otherwise? But shopping is not the only activity where these two beautifully dressed ladies like to let off steam... Dominant, submissive, doggy style and with spit. In this Intimate Moment Eve gets taken by Sasha doggy style. Having her ass slapped and pussy licked, Eve gets so turned on that she squirts on Sasha.
Ersties Eve S and Sasha Lesbian

Intimate Moments: A Slap on the Ass Gets You Horny
Eve loves spit, which is clear from the very first moment of this Intimate Moment. As wet as it starts, it continues when Eve puts the vibrator in Sasha’s pussy and gets it going with the paired smartphone app. Even after Sasha has come, Eve doesn't want to stop and continues to eat Sasha's pussy. This Intimate Moment seems to have no end!
Ersties Eve S and Sasha Lesbian

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