Ersties Josefine L and Luna A Lesbian - 2 February 2021 (1080p/photo)

3-02-2021, 01:05
From the village to the big city that is Berlin, the contrast couldn’t be bigger! Shy Luna A. is literally in good hands at Josefine’s, where they both enjoy a first together in their first shoot together!
Ersties Josefine L and Luna A Lesbian

Big City Life
Luna A. is in Berlin to visit her friend Josefine and luckily for us, they happily invited us to film their reunion. The blonde country girl seems shy and inexperienced, but only if you’ve never seen her playing with her tongue before! Consider yourself lucky because you can see it in action in Luna and Josefine’s first shoot together! In contrast to life in a village, Luna enjoys the openness and fun of a big city... fun and openness that she also shares with her sex partner. Immediately you can sense intimacy, sensuality and relaxation between the girls. It’s what makes their first video for Ersties so special. Both girls also share a first together that is initiated by the supposedly shy Luna… a rimming experience that she and Josefine love as much as you’ll do, too!
Ersties Josefine L and Luna A Lesbian

An Orgasmic Trip to the City
Luna A. is a village girl that seems shy, yet she loves to give her sex partners the best and most sensual experience she can. It’s the same with Josefine who she visits in Berlin. Immediately you can tell that the German girls get along very well, especially after watching their intimate and hot sex that contains a first time for them both, initiated by Luna…
Ersties Josefine L and Luna A Lesbian

First Time Rimming with Luna A.
Devoting oneself to sensual feelings and trying out something new are things that both German girls like. And so, Luna A. lets her tongue run free to provide Josefine with her first rimming experience. The cute blonde acquires a taste for Josi and performs miracles with her constant and intense licking, giving her an amazing orgasm!
Ersties Josefine L and Luna A Lesbian

Stop Thinking…
…and enjoy the moment! With this motto, cute Germans Luna A. and Josefine let themselves go in their first shoot together to give each other a sensual and relaxing time, not to mention a great video! They both love to taste each other so you can even expect some breathtaking 69 action here!
Ersties Josefine L and Luna A Lesbian

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