Ersties Jade Masturbation - 10 February 2021 (1080p/photo)

11-02-2021, 01:56
Jade from the German city of Düsseldorf is a happy single girl who likes to touch herself as much as she does others. As a professional masseuse the brunette helps other people with her strong hands and if it’s a girl, even better!
Ersties Jade Masturbation

Jade – A Rare Jewel to Keep
We hope you were not one of Jade’s dates that went wrong (we are just joking!) as the cute German has decided to say goodbye to online dating in favour of being happily single. As a professional masseuse she likes to work with and touch other people but today it’s all about her. We welcome Jade to her first solo shoot with Ersties! Next to massaging, the beautiful brunette sometimes likes to masturbate while watching porn, preferably with girls. She is bisexual and fucking a female partner makes her enjoy sex much more. Maybe that is why Jade also likes to watch girls striptease in a club. It’s simply nice to watch, not to mention it gives her a special kick! For her shoot, the German aroused our attention by her girl-next-door look, sexy curves and the way she uses her loved vibrator. It is a pleasure to say hi to Jade!
Ersties Jade Masturbation

Happily Single
It’s quite a surprise that a beautiful girl like Jade from Germany is single. Nevertheless, she prefers her single life because she has experienced a lot of negative dates and wasted a lot of time with online dating… Well, as a happy, stunning and sexy girl we here at Ersties are more than lucky to film a gem like Jade for her first shoot with us! If you want to know more about this bisexual beauty, click play!
Ersties Jade Masturbation

Teasing is a Sign of Affection
Like a jewel, Jade embellishes everything around her. And even more when wearing less clothes… with just a shirt and knickers, she starts by touching her big and beautiful boobs, but then needs both hands to massage her clit that is still hidden inside her panties to tease us... a lot! But it’s worth the wait to see Jade’s intense first shoot!
Ersties Jade Masturbation

An Uncut Gem for Ersties
We enjoy looking at Jade’s lovely body (and booty) but seeing it in all its unclothed glory and with its beautiful curves makes her even hotter. The German girl tells us she only has and needs one toy. How she likes to use it, she will show you in the second part of her shoot. Moving it from front to back, it makes her and us very happy!
Ersties Jade Masturbation

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