Ersties Zora and Rink Lesbian - 13 February 2021 (1080p/photo)

14-02-2021, 00:40
Hotties Zora and Rink change positions wildly and give each other everything there is to give. Without any toys, they move as if in a frenzy driven by lust and passion.
Ersties Zora and Rink Lesbian

Tasting Every Single Juicy Part
Zora and Rink don't remember some of the things they did because they were so drunk with lust. They do remember that Rink came three times and Zora twice, but these are not the only highlights they both talk about. Rink and Zora have tasted and enjoyed every single juicy part of each other to the fullest. Maybe the pair will meet again, because they would both like to try a bondage session together.
Ersties Zora and Rink Lesbian

Playful and Passionate
After intensely French kissing, Zora takes the lead first by grabbing Rink's neck, putting her hand in her mouth and fingering her hard. What happens between the two wild and beautiful women is full of variety and Rink soon changes position and takes care of Zora from all sides.
Ersties Zora and Rink Lesbian

Love Drunk
Between Rink and Zora, their session is so incredibly hot, full of enjoyment and variety that you have probably been impatiently waiting for part two. Wait no longer, because everything you have been wishing for will happen here! Squirting! Ejaculation! Facesitting! Multiple orgasms! Full of passion and lust, Zora and Rink completely lose themselves to each other...
Ersties Zora and Rink Lesbian

Wild, Deliciously Painful Sex
Oh yes! A bit of pain is just what Zora and Rink want. Rink gets incredibly hot as she looks into Zora's sparkling eyes, before being pulled by her hair while Zora fucks her from behind. It’s not only Zora who knows how to handle a woman properly, Rink also fucks Zora passionately. The two women change positions playfully and naturally, as if there were no other thoughts than the current moment. We feel the same just watching them! Zora squirts on Rink’s back but it's not over yet. This shoot could go on forever and time could fall from its hinges and they wouldn’t even notice. Rink and Zora are wild with lust for each other and just can’t stop.
Ersties Zora and Rink Lesbian

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