Ersties Natascha and Lena D - Lesbian - 19 February 2021 (1080p/photo)

19-02-2021, 23:06
Lena has never slept with a woman, but because she wanted it so badly, we organised a meeting in Berlin for her with our experienced beauty Natascha. As we discovered, Lena very quickly discovered the benefits of lesbian sex...
Ersties Natascha and Lena D - Lesbian

First Timer
While Natascha has already had a few encounters with other Ersties’ girls, it’s Lena’s first time, not just with someone from Ersties, but with any woman. Natascha and Lena wanted to speak in detail beforehand about what turns them on and their limits, not just because it’s Lena’s first time, but also because she is pregnant! Natascha was excited and curious about what could inhibit or influence Lena… before quickly losing herself to Lena’s body, licking and fingering her to climax. Sexually open-minded Natascha longingly waits for the time when the swinger clubs have reopened and she can visit again. Until then, she is in very good hands with Ersties...
Ersties Natascha and Lena D - Lesbian

Soft and Sensual
Natascha can’t wait to go back to her favourite swingers club, and when the time comes, she wants to be more daring than before. But while Natascha is waiting, she is more than happy to show Lena how to have sex with a woman! Natascha helps Lena discover a lot of things she didn’t know she liked, being her first time sleeping with a woman, and while pregnant!
Ersties Natascha and Lena D - Lesbian

Lena Can’t Get Enough
Natascha begins to tenderly caress Lena’s thighs and to massage her breasts with oil, before she gently grabs Lena between the legs and brings her to her first lesbian orgasm with her fingers and tongue.
Ersties Natascha and Lena D - Lesbian

Full Service Massage
Natascha has such a beautiful body that Lena gives her a relaxing massage with oil. As Lena moves to Natascha’s chest, she discovers that she just loves breasts. It’s perfect that Natascha has such beautiful breasts which Lena massages and kisses extensively, before giving Natascha a beautiful orgasm.
Ersties Natascha and Lena D - Lesbian

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