Ersties Alecia and Daniela Lesbian - 26 February 2021 (1080p/photo)

26-02-2021, 23:45
Ersties Alecia and Daniela Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Alecia & Daniela
Daniela has been admiring Alecia’s sex toy collection since her first visit to Alecia’s place. What impressed the shy and dark-haired beauty the most was that the toys were set up to be clearly visible for everyone to see on Alecia’s shelf. This aroused Daniela’s curiosity so much that three years later, we find Alecia and Daniela sitting together in Alecia’s bed, very comfortable with each other and discussing which of Alecia’s toys they prefer to use… before choosing one of them together, to have some fun with!
Ersties Alecia and Daniela Lesbian
Oh, Moscow! Where the snow falls in thick flakes, the best ice cream can be found, and of course we can’t forget our two beauties Alecia and Daniela!
Ersties Alecia and Daniela Lesbian

Intimate Moments: The Larger Dildo Wins the Vote
First our beauties Alecia and Daniela talk about which sex toys they like the most, before choosing a toy together to use for this Intimate Moments shoot. Not only do they bring each other to orgasm with licking, fingering and the selected toy, but get so hot they seem to make the Russian winter glow.
Ersties Alecia and Daniela Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Daniela Gets What She Desires
After admiring Alecia’s sex toys some time ago, Daniela is finally allowed to try one out in this Intimate Moment. Daniela has opted for an anatomically-shaped and not too small vibrator, which Alecia takes and pleasures her with from behind, before moving to a very special position...
Ersties Alecia and Daniela Lesbian

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