Ersties Abigail W and Susy Lesbian - 6 March 2021 (1080p/photo)

8-03-2021, 00:50
Ersties Abigail W and Susy Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Susy and Abigail
Have you ever had a hot summer fling where you can’t think about anything else, even after it’s over? Why not visit each other? That’s exactly what Susy from Spain and Abigail from the UK thought after meeting in Tenerife. Now in the cold north, both girls have the same thoughts about how to warm each other up in the very best way… Opposites attract each other, something that Susy and Abbie both appreciate. They have a lot in common but physically it’s the opposite they fancy. That’s good for us because they can’t stop complimenting each other which makes both of them very horny. Once Abigail’s tongue finds Susy’s pussy she can’t stop spoiling it… Dirty and wet, the girls have a lot of fun and a lot of orgasms! A sensual, intense and intimate shoot that fulfils our fantasies!
Ersties Abigail W and Susy Lesbian
Pussy licking has never looked so sexy with Susy & Abigail! Spanish girl Susy visited her friend Abbie in cold England, but luckily Abbie had a lot of ideas on how to warm up. They dearly missed each other as we can see and hear!
Ersties Abigail W and Susy Lesbian

Intimate Moments: “You’re a Bad Girl!”
Susy and Abigail are very happy to be in each other’s arms and to touch each other’s pussies again. Since their first meeting in Tenerife, a lot of time has passed. Now, making up for lost time, the romantic compliments just keep coming… They’re a perfect couple that compliment each other in every way possible. Covered in oil, this shoot starts sensually, and before long the girls take you on a wet and wild ride.
Ersties Abigail W and Susy Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Women with Taste
A pussy that tastes good and belongs to Spanish girl Susy is absolutely to Abbie’s taste! She just can’t stop playing around with her tongue… It feels so good, she makes Susy come. Now Susy wants to give her friend a wet orgasm... Well, one orgasm is understated because these cute ladies just want more!
Ersties Abigail W and Susy Lesbian

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