Ersties Ramona 26-year-old - Masturbation - 8 March 2021 (1080p/photo)

8-03-2021, 23:35
It doesn’t matter whether it’s anal sex, swallowing or sex outside, Ramona knows no bounds and is open to many things, incuding bisexual experiences. For her first time at Ersties, she’s giving herself a hot experience, which is no less exciting for us!
Ersties Ramona 26-year-old - Masturbation

It Has to Be Hot
26-year-old Ramona was brought to Berlin from Düsseldorf by her desire to try new things. She also likes the liveliness of Berlin, and of course she came to meet us for an exciting shoot. Ramona likes it hot rather than cold. Her favorite temperature is 104 degrees farenheit in the sun. For Ramona, there aren’t any no-go zones on a sexual level; she likes it exciting! She’s very sexually active with her husband, and their sexual inventiveness and discovery is yet to slow down. Sex in a cinema is a fantasy that she would like to experience in the near future. Up till now she has been exclusively heterosexual, but is very curious and open to having bisexual experiences. Ramona, we look forward to seeing what happens!
Ersties Ramona 26-year-old - Masturbation

Exciting Risk
Ramona lives in Düsseldorf, she is a nurse by profession and is brand new here at Ersties. Ramona's desire to try new things has brought her to Berlin. The risk-loving beauty is not deterred by much, and that includes her sex life. There are no taboos for the 26-year-old here, and she describes herself as submissive and likes it when things get tough. She finds the risk of getting caught having sex in public particularly exciting.
Ersties Ramona 26-year-old - Masturbation

Ramona's Beautiful Braid
We met the passionate nurse Ramona for a few hours when she was visiting Berlin. We were not only allowed to admire Ramona's beautiful braid, she gave us a lot more of herself to appreciate, too.
Ersties Ramona 26-year-old - Masturbation

Open to New
We gave the 26-year-old Ramona a lustful toy with which she uses on herself in bed. Ramona not only feels the most comfortable in the scorching heat of Egypt, but also in the hot throes of passion and experimentation with her husband. As exciting and satisfying as her heterosexual partnership is, Ramona is also excited by the idea of bisexual experiences. We are looking forward to seeing where this journey will take us.
Ersties Ramona 26-year-old - Masturbation

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