Ersties Josefine L and Tabea Lesbian - 22 March 2021 (1080p/photo)

23-03-2021, 07:42
Josefine and Tabea get very close with a lot of oil and plenty of tantra massage. They both give each other such sensual and pleasurable massages, that there are happy endings all around.
Ersties Josefine L and Tabea Lesbian

With Tantra to Climax
Have you ever wondered what a tantra massage feels like? If so, this rendezvous between Josephine and Tabea is for you. Josefine has invited Tabea to her home to give her a tantra massage. Tantric massage is about pleasure and sexuality, and as Tabea told us afterwards, it was so pleasurable, Josefine gave her an amazing orgasm. Because at Ersties, the masseuse also gets her pleasure in the end, Tabea brings Josefine to orgasm with a sensual massage in return.
Ersties Josefine L and Tabea Lesbian

What Is Tantric Massage?
A tantra massage is all about pleasure and sexual stimulation, and of course, happy orgasmic endings. There’s a lot more to say about Tabea and Josefine’s sensual encounter, but we’ll let the two beauties tell you about it in this interview.
Ersties Josefine L and Tabea Lesbian

Sensual Touch With Tantra
Tantra massage requires a lot of body contact, time and massage oil. Josefine gives Tabea all this and more as she sensually massages her body, slowly and thoughtfully. Massage can be more than just touching with your hands, as Josefine demonstrates. It can come from every part of the body, and of course, finishes with a happy ending for everyone.
Ersties Josefine L and Tabea Lesbian

Orgasmic Massage
After Tabea’s delicious massage in part one, Josefine gets to enjoy an extended and exciting body massage from Tabea, where, at the end, a pleasurable orgasm awaits her.
Ersties Josefine L and Tabea Lesbian

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