Ersties Inge and Sirena Lesbian - 29 March 2021 (1080p/photo)

29-03-2021, 22:53
Sexually domineering Inge spanks devoted sub Sirena's ass and draws out her pleasure, making her squirm until she is allowed to orgasm. For this she thanks Inge profusely by licking her feet and pussy.
Ersties Inge and Sirena Lesbian

Spanked and Tied Up
Sirena and Inge have clear roles in this shoot. Willing submissive Sirena gets her ass whipped by Inge, and is then given Inge’s feet to lick extensively as a reward. Inge holds the ropes in today’s shoot, including deciding when Sirena is allowed to orgasm. Inge decides to play with Sirena’s orgasm and delays it, and Sirena will do anything to be able to come. Once Inge lets her come, Sirena must be a good submissive and thank her mistress by licking her pussy and massaging her clitoris.
Ersties Inge and Sirena Lesbian

Fixed Roles
Inge likes to watch the person she is dominating. To see the lust on their face and the sparkle in their eyes just before they are about to come is magic. Sirena loves to orgasm, and will do anything to be tipped over the edge. With this match, it’s obvious they would get along very well. They tell us about their experience together, and even talk about a fantasy of using a larger toy in their games next time...
Ersties Inge and Sirena Lesbian

Playing by the Rules
Inge is a tough master to abide by. Sirena must first lie down on a stool to get her ass whipped before having to control her orgasm until Inge tells her she’s allowed to come. It’s these punishments Sirena is here for though, because it makes her incredibly horny, and it is so hot to watch!
Ersties Inge and Sirena Lesbian

First the Feet, Then the Orgasm
After Sirena has shown Inge her best behaviour, she thanks her mistress by licking her feet, and then her pussy. Inge rewards Sirena with some scissoring, before Sirena gives Inge what she really wants...
Ersties Inge and Sirena Lesbian

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