Ersties Jolie and Sally B. Lesbian - 9 April 2021 (1080p/photo)

9-04-2021, 22:18
Like two pieces of a puzzle, Sally and Jolie fit together so well. Hot highlights, beautiful curves and a photo shoot that will take your breath away!
Ersties Jolie and Sally B. Lesbian

Hot Photo Shoot With Strap-On
Jolie and Sally fit together as flawlessly as two pieces of a puzzle. Puzzle pieces also complement each other to form a larger picture, which is exactly what you’ll see in this hot photo shoot! Sally, who likes to be dominant, has a strap-on for our submissive Jolie, which Jolie finds very hot. It's Sally's first time banging another woman with a strap-on, but Jolie tells us afterward that Sally is a natural. It gets hotter still when the girls have a photo shoot with Jolie’s analog camera. Jolie is certainly looking forward to developing the film, and surely the company that develops the film will be steaming from the heat as well...
Ersties Jolie and Sally B. Lesbian

It's Getting Steamy in Berlin
Berlin has many advantages over other cities in the world. Jolie and Sally see it that way too. Berlin isn’t just a beautiful city that never sleeps, it’s also incredibly sexy, and not just metaphorically! Where else would these two beauties have such a hot date in front of the camera than Berlin!
Ersties Jolie and Sally B. Lesbian

Dirty Things Are Great Fun
Dirty talk and a dirty photo shoot, what more could we ask for? In this shoot, we see submissive Jolie getting her hair pulled and spanked on her hot ass, before Sally fucks her with a strap-on in multiple positions until she can’t hold her orgasm in any longer...
Ersties Jolie and Sally B. Lesbian

After 69 the Shutter Clicks
Sally, who has a preference for high heels and likes to be the dominant one, gives herself over to Jolie and her skillful fingers, before 69ing and orgasming with the help of Jolie’s tongue and a vibrator. At the end the two girls have a sexy photo shoot, taking some hot pictures for a secret photo album...
Ersties Jolie and Sally B. Lesbian

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