Ersties Claire and Sirena Lesbian - 15 April 2021 (1080p/photo)

16-04-2021, 00:49
We are always happy when two people meet on Ersties who not only have hot sex with each other, but also share a special something. Watch as sparks fly between Claire and Sirena!
Ersties Claire and Sirena Lesbian

Sparks Fly Between Sirena and Claire
Most of you will remember our two beauties Sirena and Claire very well and we’re more than pleased that we were able to bring them together for some fun! The pair share some tips about men who stay after a one-night stand over a glass of champagne, before really letting it pop… first on the kitchen table and then in the bedroom. It gets pretty hot and the girls occasionally forget that they’re not alone. It’s all the better for us because the more alone they feel, the more there is for us to see! When these two are together, we can only describe what happens as a fiery explosion of lust and sex. Hot!
Ersties Claire and Sirena Lesbian

House Recipes Against Lingerers
If you have also had experiences with people not leaving after a one-night stand like Claire and Sirena, then you should definitely watch this interview. The two experienced beauties tell us funny stories that have happened to them, and also have a few tips ready to deter these annoying pests. But of course it's not just about getting out of certain affairs, the two beauties also tell us about their more intimate moments together.
Ersties Claire and Sirena Lesbian

Sparkling Pleasure
A glass of champagne is always a good way to relax the mood and let the emotions flow. Claire and Sirena know this and toast their glasses before they start kissing hotly and undressing each other. Before long, beautiful Sirena starts fucking Claire on the kitchen table...
Ersties Claire and Sirena Lesbian

Two Toys at Once
The champagne hasn't run out yet and, as we all know, if you start in the kitchen, the bedroom usually follows. This is also where Claire and Sirena are drawn after their hot sex on the kitchen table. Once in bed, Claire licks Sirena's shaved vagina and then uses a dildo and vibrator, at the same time!
Ersties Claire and Sirena Lesbian

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