Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 2 - 24 April 2021 (1080p/photo)

25-04-2021, 17:36
Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 2

Cunnilingus Masterclass
This workshop is all about oral sex! Specifically, cunnilingus. The word cunnilingus is derived from the Latin words ‘cunnus’ for vulva and ‘lingere’, to lick. So, let’s get started! Our four Australian beauties from Melbourne Laney, Lucy, Nova and Astrid met to talk about their experiences with oral sex, what about oral turns them on and what they want to take home from this workshop. Theory isn’t everything and practice makes the master so after an interview and discussion, they put their newly learned skills into practice. After a practical introduction, our ladies take the advanced oral workshop, where they learn the tastiest way to bring someone to orgasm, all at the same time...
Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 2
Four beautiful Australians and an oral sex workshop, what could be better? Learning about new tasty techniques, getting each other wet and excited… licking was not only discussed extensively but also very much practiced...
Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 2

Shared Desires and Experiences
In life there is always something to learn and broaden one’s horizons, even with sex! Learning is better with friends, so our four Australian beauties Laney, Lucy, Nova and Astrid met for a cunnilingus discussion and workshop...
Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 2

Theory and Practice
Workshops function in similar ways, no matter the topic - Theory before practice, and enough practice to get better at it! That’s no different from this workshop. Our beauties use fruits to show each other how they prefer to be licked, before taking their newly acquired knowledge and practicing on each other...
Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 2

Advanced Cunnilingus
It’s raining outside, but it gets very wet inside too! Part two of the cunnilingus workshop begins with evaluating part one, before taking all their newly acquired knowledge and feedback and practicing on whoever they wish in a hot orgy, no holds barred. After this steamy orgasmic orgy, the four beauties sit together, sweaty and naked on the carpet, to give us the low-down on how the workshop was for them.
Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 2

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ComfortZone 25 April 2021 23:45
Thanks. Watch and learn stuck_out_tongue
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