Ersties Candela and Luna X. Lesbian - 28 April 2021 (1080p/photo)

29-04-2021, 03:33
Luna and Candela – two passionate and sexy women whose first shoot together is full of fun, numerous sex positions and intense orgasms. Also present is Luna’s very first toy that is small but serves its purpose 110%!
Ersties Candela and Luna X. Lesbian

Two Powerful Women, One Amazing Shoot
Cuban girl Candela is back to meet with Ersties favourite Luna X. for their very first shoot together. We are amazed at the chemistry between the girls that presents itself throughout their fun with each other, the way they compliment each other and orgasm together. Two powerful women with great taste!

Luna has brought her very first toy today… a small metallic vibrator that she plays with on Candela’s clit. Both girls describe the vibrator as “small, but oh my,” so we now know why both girls were so excited about it! This is a shoot full of passion with tongues, exciting vibrators, as well as a double dildo.

What else can we expect from Candela and Luna than a classic and gorgeous lesbian shoot with Ersties, where all our dreams are answered…
Ersties Candela and Luna X. Lesbian

Like Painting a Canvas…
…is how Cuban beauty Candela describes her apparently breath-taking skills with her tongue to make Luna moan. In our interview for their first shoot together the girls have such fun, it’s like they’ve known each other for years. The chemistry is just there! The 28-year-old curly haired beauty also talks about how excited she was playing with Luna’s orgasmic toy...
Ersties Candela and Luna X. Lesbian

The Tempting Taste of Lip Gloss
In their first shoot together, you can feel the chemistry between both powerful women; they complement each other very well! Beautiful boobs are admired, pussys are licked and, with the help of a silver bullet, orgasms are definitely made!
Ersties Candela and Luna X. Lesbian

Exhausted in the Best Way
You know what we mean! Orgasms are no rarity for the girls today, especially as they change sex positions frequently and have fun with the double dildo that lets the Cuban live out her dominant side! After such a hot shoot with amazing sex, Candela and Luna are exhausted in the best way possible.
Ersties Candela and Luna X. Lesbian

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