Ersties Arina L and Nora A Lesbian - 3 May 2021 (1080p/photo)

3-05-2021, 22:43
Ersties Arina L and Nora A Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Marina and Nora
Some of our Ersties members will recognise Marina! She won us over with her gorgeous curves, playful and fun attitude, and especially with her Playdate together with her friend Nora. If you missed this intimate date, don’t worry, today the German brunettes are back! Girls who are friends also have great sex together, that much is obvious about the girls from Düsseldorf. They discuss the tickly feeling of latex, vibrators and what they think about rimming. With so much in common, they know how to give each other double orgasms. It gets oily, tender, sexy and so much more! Marina and Nora’s shoot is proof that good friends don’t just drink a cup of tea together but also love to fuck!
Ersties Arina L and Nora A Lesbian
If you missed Marina and Nora’s Playdate, now is your chance to watch the girls on repeat! This shoot is so relaxed, intimate and gentle that we’d love to just lay down next to them…
Ersties Arina L and Nora A Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Among Friends it’s More Fun
Nora and Marina are such good friends. They have known each other for quite some time, which is obvious by their easygoing attitudes and relaxedness with one another. Be excited for double orgasms, tender touches and sexy curves!
Ersties Arina L and Nora A Lesbian

Intimate Moments: A Double Order of Orgasms
Oil and a sensual massage make Marina horny. Add Nora’s fingering technique and nothing stands in the way of her sense of pleasure! Both friends really love their intimate time together, so much so that their simultaneous play with toys looks as normal as brushing your teeth!
Ersties Arina L and Nora A Lesbian

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