Ersties Kara X and Zoe B Lesbian - 19 May 2021 (1080p/photo)

20-05-2021, 02:07
Ersties Kara X and Zoe B Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Kara X. & Zoe B.
Both Kara and Zoe have made it to their dream city of Berlin. Zoe moved to Berlin from Bavaria and Kara from Eastern Europe. As this Intimate Moments shoot is international, the two young women switch between German and English. Kara enjoys being the hostess for her friends who visit her from all over the world, including Zoe for this Intimate Moment. Kara asks Zoe to oil her back, and in return she gets a hot massage from Kara. With Ersties it never just stops at the end of a massage, so Kara lies under Zoe and licks her pussy until she climaxes.
Ersties Kara X and Zoe B Lesbian
This international Intimate Moments shoot with Kara and Zoe is piping hot! Before the pair really gets down to business, it gets oily as they get each other in the mood with back massages.
Ersties Kara X and Zoe B Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Massages And Face Sitting
Zoe has a bit of a messy house so she goes to Kara’s to read a book and relax. She doesn't read for long before Kara asks her to oil her back. Because it’s Ersties, of course it doesn’t stop at oiling… A luscious experience between two beauties you can’t miss!
Ersties Kara X and Zoe B Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Close and Intimate
In part one of this Intimate Moment Kara immensely enjoyed being sat on by Zoe and licking her vagina. Now it’s Zoe’s turn to enjoy Kara’s. They also finger each other and give us some hot close-ups, before Zoe takes Kara and fingers her from behind, making her orgasm.
Ersties Kara X and Zoe B Lesbian

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