Ersties Emma F - Intimate Moments - 21 May 2021 (1080p/photo)

21-05-2021, 23:33
Ersties Emma F - Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments with Emma F.
Emma dreams of a beach holiday in the south, lounging in a swim ring, being carried away… either by the gentle waves of the sea or from the softcore porn of her youth which excited her. She learnt quickly that she was very interested in sex, and admired the adult entertainers she would watch. Emma started to desire to be like them, having sex in front of a camera knowing that other people would see it and get excited about it.
Ersties Emma F - Intimate Moments
The passionate woman from Bremen wanted to have sex in front of a camera when she first saw porn. It took a bit of time but finally she met with us and we are so happy!
Ersties Emma F - Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Emma Invites Us on Her Couch
Emma makes herself comfortable on her huge couch for this bonus shoot, chatting with friends on her laptop. But we're here at Ersties so it doesn't take long until she has her hand in her pants and makes this Intimate Moment glow with self-pleasure. Then she makes herself wet with a dildo and her fingers. But that is not the only exciting thing about this Intimate Moment. Emma slowly lets the camera slide over herself so that we see her whole wonderful body and come as close to Emma as she is to herself.
Ersties Emma F - Intimate Moments
As freely as Emma often dances alone at home, she allows herself to be just as free in this Intimate Moment, alone on her large couch with strokes, fingers and a dildo.
Ersties Emma F - Intimate Moments

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