Ersties Jazzika 27 year old - Masturbation - 22 May 2021 (1080p/photo)

22-05-2021, 23:22
Ersties Jazzika Masturbation

Intimate Moments with Jazzika
Berlin local Jazzika enjoys spending time at home, where she currently works, and relaxing in a hot bath lit with candles. Travelling is quite difficult at the moment so she’s found another kind of travel that will be shared with the Ersties community – her first incredibly hot shoot in a waterbed! In general the 27 year old is open about a lot of things. She has some experience with anal and used to enjoy phone sex with her boyfriend. Jazzika doesn’t say no to fellatio or toys, and was gifted her first dildo from her partner. Imagining what she can do with her full lips is just… well, one can always dream! Her big dark brown eyes are very pretty and further enhance her look as a 90s supermodel. If you want to see how amazing her red-painted nails look between her legs, then sit back and press play!
Ersties Jazzika Masturbation
With such big round eyes and full lips no one can resist Berliner Jazzika. Physical closeness is very important for her but when her boyfriend isn’t around she loves to stimulate her clit in a waterbed, nonstop!
Ersties Jazzika Masturbation

Intimate Moments: A 90s Supermodel, Ersties Style!
Jazzika has everything that reminds us of a model from the 90s: a devilish look in her eyes, sensual lips and a perfect body. She knows how her eyes pull people to her, but she also describes herself as an introvert. Her first shoot starts romantically and continues with a lot of intimate close-ups…
Ersties Jazzika Masturbation

Intimate Moments: An Intimate Insight
In her first shoot for Ersties, the Berliner fulfils a sexual fantasy that we were just hoping for. From the very beginning Jazzika gives us the closest and most intimate insight into the passion she has for masturbating. Her red nails really stand out and capture her look, especially when she uses them to finger herself… Hot hot hot!
Ersties Jazzika Masturbation

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