Ersties Kara X. and Kattka Lesbian - 29 May 2021 (1080p/photo)

30-05-2021, 02:42
Ersties Kara X. & Kattka Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Kara X. & Kattka
Did you also have that one hot teacher at school? The one who drove your hormones crazy and made it extremely difficult to concentrate in class, as you tried not to think about her body, the way her lips pursed as she spoke, or her eyes as she looked at you…? In this different and fresh Intimate Moment our two beautiful Eastern Europeans Kara and Kattka slip into a roleplay with Kara as the student and Kattka as her irresistible teacher. Kara cannot concentrate on her German class, preferring to seduce her attractive teacher Kattka, who decides to teach Kara in a different way...
Ersties Kara X. & Kattka Lesbian
Kara struggles with her German lesson and her teacher Kattka is on the verge of throwing in the towel because of Kara's many mistakes. However, Kara convinces her alluring teacher she learns better in other ways and in the end she gets a perfect A.
Ersties Kara X. & Kattka Lesbian

Intimate Moments: A Lesson on Satisfaction
If you still think German can't be sexy, this Intimate Moment with Kattka and Kara will teach you differently. In this Intimate Moment, Kara tries to satisfy her teacher Kattka with her knowledge of the German language, and in many other ways as well...
Ersties Kara X. & Kattka Lesbian

Intimate Moments: The Best Student
After Kara was able to convince her teacher Kattka with her tongue skills, Kattka practices vocabulary with her student, Ersties way of course! Kara has to say in German how she would like to be treated, or she doesn’t get treated! In the end, Kara does so well, she receives special praise from her teacher...
Ersties Kara X. & Kattka Lesbian

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