Ersties Alex O - Intimate Moments - 7 June 2021 (1080p/photo)

7-06-2021, 23:36
Ersties Alex O - Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments with Alex O.
Alex from Vancouver, Canada is just adorable. The story of how Alex got to know her own body intimately is pretty special and extremely hot. It’s about naughty ballerinas and the invitation into a sex toy paradise; the place where Alex was allowed to borrow a special toy from and bring to her first shoot! Ever since she was a small child the 24-year-old half Columbian has been a dancer and she is especially passionate about ballet. At the moment she is practicing for an exam so her shoot for Ersties is the best distraction. With some twerking in her cave of passion, a vibrator and the legendary FUCKING MACHINE, her Ersties debut is a great success! The Ersties community will be blessed by the fiery scenes they can expect from a beautiful ballerina looking to blow off some exam steam!
Ersties Alex O - Intimate Moments
A ballerina, a Fucking Machine and a first time – the recipe for a perfect Ersties video! Alex from Canada is cute but naughty and ready to indulge in a unique adventure in front of the Ersties camera.
Ersties Alex O - Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: About the Existence of ‘The Toy Of All Toys’
It’s incredible to believe that the cute Canadian Alex stumbled upon masturbation by accident. This special story is all about a naughty ballerina, an audition and a close friendship! We are all the more excited about the invitation into the dancer’s passion cave, where she abandons herself to pleasure…
Ersties Alex O - Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: First Time With a Fucking Machine
Just reading the words ‘Fucking Machine’ and listening to Alex’s story about it fires up our imagination… it’s not every day that we can enjoy this toy, and especially to enjoy it in such an amazing solo shoot! It’s the Canadian ballerina’s first time, yet she would do it all again if she could. Her orgasm speaks volumes!
Ersties Alex O - Intimate Moments

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