Ersties Delfine and Rink Lesbian - 12 June 2021 (1080p/photo)

13-06-2021, 05:55
Beautiful Frenchwoman Delfine meets the equally beautiful Brazilian Rink. With such beautiful breasts and asses, they are a match made in heaven and they get along so well, they orgasm more than twice.
Ersties Delfine and Rink Lesbian - 12 June 2021 (1080p/photo)

Beautiful Breasts and Round Ass
What an encounter! In their interview, Delfine and Rink talk about travel and sexual freedom in Berlin, including what they think about love, sex, desire and partners. They discuss the subtle but important differences between an open relationship with a single partner and relationships with several people at the same time. Don’t worry, Delfine and Rink don’t just talk about sex! They get right to it, kissing extensively before they show us that lesbian sex can be more than just fingers. As they move their hips, gyrating and grinding on each other, it’s beautiful to see. Delfine and Rink are gorgeous, inside and out!

Same Yet Different
Rink and Delfine are both non-monogamous, but there is a difference between them. Delfine can only love one person, but Rink can feel romantically connected to several people at the same time. The pair also tell us how often they climaxed with each other...

Cherry Pink and Damn Hot
Black-haired Delfine and blonde Rink begin to kiss extensively on the pull-out couch, before they undress and have hot sex with each other. Such beauty!

A Most Beautiful Sight
Rink sits on Delfine's lap and shows us her round and crisp ass, before letting Delfine stroke its curves. This encounter gets spicy when the two women finger and lick each other. Rink takes out a vibrator and finds the perfect spot on Delfine’s clit to give her another orgasm...

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