Ersties Julia B. & Lea L. Lesbian - 16 June 2021 (1080p/photo)

16-06-2021, 22:30
Ersties Julia B. & Lea L. Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Julia B. and Lea L.
Let us fly away from the rain and into the Cyprus sun! That’s what Austrians Lea and Julia thought, so that’s exactly what they did. Beach, heat and a sensual video for Ersties to conclude the day is exactly what the girls needed, and our Ersties community too! The friends met in the beautiful city of Vienna but it took travelling to Cyprus to have their first shoot together. Both love to switch in bed so look forward to sensual touches and orgasmic penetration! Julia especially likes to play with anal and the favour of being rimmed will be realized in a very… intense way. The chemistry between Julia and Lea is just perfect! They share the same interests and although they differ physically, their friendship predominates, and this shoot has just made it closer and more intimate!
Ersties Julia B. & Lea L. Lesbian
Goodies from Vienna! Although Lea and Julia are currently in Cyprus letting the sun shine on their sexy bodies… For their first shoot together, all the friends need is a hotel bed and some surprises that they have prepared for each other...
Ersties Julia B. & Lea L. Lesbian

Intimate Moments: “Of Course We Let You Watch”
Lea and Julia from Vienna missed the sunshine so much, they allowed themselves a nice relaxed holiday in Cyprus. Their plan: beach first, then shooting a very hot video for Ersties. That sounds perfect, and looks even more amazing! How much better to conclude the day with a friend with gentle touches and anal play in bed?!
Ersties Julia B. & Lea L. Lesbian

Intimate Moments: An Orgasmic Surprise
Since they started touching each other today, both Austrian beauties have been extremely wet. Lea admits that she likes surprises and Julia won’t let her down, bringing treats that appeal to all her senses… If you want to see more than one orgasm, you are in exactly the right place! And to cool down the heat in the room, the girls have found a glass dildo…
Ersties Julia B. & Lea L. Lesbian

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