Ersties Katana & Ophelia Lesbian - 19 June 2021 (1080p)

19-06-2021, 23:44
Ersties Katana & Ophelia Lesbian

Intimate Moment with Katana and Ophelia
This shoot for our Intimate Moments series is… very intimate! It especially shows how the hunger for sex and the hot sun of Barcelona create the perfect atmosphere that we love to show here at Ersties. Spanish girl Katana is excited to show Ophelia the city with all its advantages, and Ophelia is just as excited to experience them all. Supporting each other and discovering new things together makes a friendship such as Ophelia and Katana’s so special. Ophelia dreams about a passionate orgy, while Katana wants outdoor sex in the ocean... Before all of this happens, the girls made an intense video for us as a little teaser. It’s well known that Spanish people are the epitome of passion and Katana embodies this very convincingly. Our Hungarian girl also falls for this magnetic attraction, which is reflected in their shared sexual energy and great orgasms…
Ersties Katana & Ophelia Lesbian
Barcelona is the place to be for all things sex. Katana wants to bring this feeling closer to Ophelia, who is craving sex. In return, Hungarian shows off her feet and tongue skills, which we are excited to see!
Ersties Katana & Ophelia Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Hungry For Sex in Barcelona
Ophelia from Hungary came to Spain to follow up on the rumour that Barcelona offers the best and most passionate orgies. As Katana knows every corner of this city including the bisexual scene, she offers her help to Ophelia. The girls have a lot planned! Their first shoot is fiercely intense, it will really get your blood pumping!
Ersties Katana & Ophelia Lesbian

Intimate Moments: There Is Nothing Like Oral Sex…
Oral sex is one of Ophelia’s passions. Katana’s face definitely shows how much she likes it, and just how good Ophelia is! The two gorgeous girls not only get along very well but in this shoot their amazing bodies just meld into an intense sexual energy that has its climax in great orgasms.
Ersties Katana & Ophelia Lesbian

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