Ersties Playdate Recording with Jin - 26 June 2021 (1080p)

27-06-2021, 08:44
Playdate Recording with Jin
It's well known that you shouldn’t play with your food. Luckily, we don't have such silly etiquette rules on the Ersties’ dinner table, so whoever is in the kitchen also decides what happens there. Or maybe not completely, because our users still had a say in this Playdate with Jin. You can find out whether the eggplant or the zucchini made it to a dream date with Jin by watching this delectable Playdate...
Ersties Playdate Recording with Jin

Playdate Recording with Jin
This Playdate is the hottest cooking show in the universe! First, Jin gives us a glimpse into the traditions of her family, before letting us look deeper under her apron… Jin is a melting pot of cultures. Growing up in a Chinese Dominican family in the USA, her childhood was very multicultural. She tells us that in the Chinese part of her family, gratitude is measured by money, so we came up with something special for this Playdate! We showed our appreciation to Jin by giving her a brand new Lush, which she wore during this Playdate and which vibrated with every tip from Jin's audience. And what shall we say? Our wonderful community had a lot of gratitude for Jin. It absolutely rained coins and Jin’s Lush gave her a thoroughly pleasurable and exciting evening in the kitchen.
Ersties Playdate Recording with Jin

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