Ersties Bea B. Masturbation - 2 July 2021 (1080p)

2-07-2021, 22:44
Ersties Bea B. Masturbation

Intimate Moments with Bea B.
The red-haired aquarius from eastern Germany is a little nervous, but incredibly thrilled to be with Ersties for the first time. Bea has always had average sex and to her it was pleasant enough, but lately has felt the desire to try out new things and change up her routine. She was able to experiment a bit with an open-minded partner, but there was one thing he couldn’t offer her either: Sex with a woman. She recently had spontaneous sex with a woman in a sauna, which was really intense and beautiful. Unfortunately this has been Bea’s only time with a woman so far. Today in this Intimate Moment, the pretty red-head pleasures herself until she climaxes with some of her favourite toys and her fingers. Hot hot hot!
Ersties Bea B. Masturbation
Pretty Bea from Saxony is in the mood for new things! She gives us an intimate and hot insight into her sexuality, including her desire to try more lesbian sex. Before she is able to try this, she pleasures herself with her toys and fingers.
Ersties Bea B. Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Bea, the Sexy Girl Next Door
Pretty Bea describes herself as down-to-earth and normal, like the archetypical girl next door. But Bea has had enough of normal sex and has started looking for new sensations and experiences. She ended up at Ersties and in this Intimate Moments shoot, Bea gives an insight into her open and adventurous sexuality.
Ersties Bea B. Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Bea Comes Intensely
Bea had the feeling that she wanted to try something new, and on her search for new sexual experiences, she found Ersties! In this Intimate Moment, the down to earth but open-minded beauty lets us take part in her sexuality with herself very closely. A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy!
Ersties Bea B. Masturbation

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ComfortZone 2 July 2021 23:15
Thanks for this one. I guess this is the first video of 'Ersties Anal July'?
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