Ersties Margo K. Masturbation - 16 July 2021 (1080p/photo)

16-07-2021, 22:16
Ersties Margo K. Masturbation

Intimate Moments with Margo K
Margo never wears a bra under her blouse. She likes it when her breasts are free and the fabric of her shirt gently brushes and caresses them. She finds wet t-shirts very exciting for this reason! It also looks hot, and the attention people give her breasts as they show through the wet shirt don’t bother her at all. Quite the opposite actually! Today Margo’s blouse falls to the floor, completely revealing her beautiful breasts and body. She can’t hold herself back from her pleasure so she uses her favourite toy - a pink dildo - on herself. Margo is picky about colours, and if she wants something, she gets it, no compromises! That includes orgasms!
Ersties Margo K. Masturbation
Lover of dirty talk and anal sex, Margo from Kiev, Ukraine is a dark-haired beauty. She can’t resist anal plugs and double penetration, and she shows us exactly how it pleases her in this Intimate Moment...
Ersties Margo K. Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Margo's Favourite Toy
Margo loves to be looked at and admired. Unless she’s spending her evening in a bar, you better admire her from afar or it will end badly. And definitely don’t approach her in the street! She herself finds people in white shirts sexy, and loves to admire them more closely... In this Intimate Moment, Margo lets you watch her as she fingers herself and plays with her favourite dildo. Such passion!
Ersties Margo K. Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Double the Pleasure with Double the Penetration
Margo is gorgeous! She has a lot to offer, as she shows us in this amazing Intimate Moment. First she gets in the mood with an anal plug before adding a dildo to her vagina...
Ersties Margo K. Masturbation

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