Ersties Daniela & Anca Lesbian - 20 July 2021 (1080p/photo)

20-07-2021, 23:34
Ersties Daniela & Anca Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Daniela and Anca
Daniela and Anca haven't seen each other for quite a while so the tension between the two young beauties is full of intensity. It's hard for them to keep their hands off each other while they exchange compliments and talk about their sexual preferences. Anca especially finds it difficult to hold herself back from touching Daniela's breasts and kissing them during the interview. Besides their shared passion for sex, they both have a creative streak and an interest in art. Daniela is drawn to photography and takes photos herself and Anca has set up a small studio in which she paints and of course sleeps on the floor. It’s the perfect setting for this Intimate Moment with the two hot girls from Moldova and Russia.
Ersties Daniela & Anca Lesbian
In addition to all sorts of compliments that Anca and Daniela have for each other, the two also share a lot of fantasies about how they would like to lick each other's pussies. Anca can hardly hold back while they both let their fantasies run wild...
Ersties Daniela & Anca Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Daniela's Favourite Dish
Beautiful Daniela has already had a few appearances with Ersties. Anca on the other hand is brand new and very excited, and even during the interview the 24 year old can hardly hold back. But before they’re allowed to lick each other’s pussies, the pair exchange many compliments for each other in this Intimate Moments shoot, before finally making each other come!
Ersties Daniela & Anca Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Compliments and Other Goodies
Anca really wants to taste Daniela's vagina. Pretty Daniela stretches out in different positions in front of Anca’s eyes and gives her an incredible view. Anca gives Daniela an exciting footjob before eating her out. Afterward, Anca is pleasured until she climaxes with Daniela's glass dildo. This Intimate Moment is full of goodies!
Ersties Daniela & Anca Lesbian

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