Ersties Katie A. & Delfine - Lesbian - 24 July 2021 (1080p/photo)

25-07-2021, 02:15
Ersties Katie A. & Delfine - Lesbian

Intimate Moments with Delfine and Katie A.
In these special times it’s important to search for new hobbies that satisfy the desire of going to sex clubs, parties and orgies. Katie from Australia has found she loves to go camping instead, especially with her sex-positive camping group who enjoy being in nature and are able to let their passions run wild! French girl Delfine has been living in Berlin for quite a while now and just loves it. Like Katie she has had to find a new hobby and discovered that she enjoys writing a blog about sex. With her experiences and fantasies, it’ll be a lot to write about! Obviously, it’s all about sex today in Delfine and Katie’s Intimate Moments shoot. In fact, it’s about truly sensual fucking with everything in between, and we can’t forget some wet POV action!
Ersties Katie A. & Delfine - Lesbian
Berlin has something for anybody, especially for Delfine & Katie.They don’t just have the look, they also love the sexual freedom of this city.As orgies have been declared taboo at the moment, the girls act out their ultimate passion in today’s hot shoot!
Ersties Katie A. & Delfine - Lesbian

Intimate Moments: The Freedom of Fucking in Berlin
Everyone knows that Berlin and sex belong together! That’s why Delfine and Katie feel so comfortable in this city, but because the clubs are closed at the moment the ladies have had to find other hobbies to transform their sexual energy… like a passionate girl/girl shoot for Ersties! Adorned with tattoos, shaved and hot for great sex, they are ready to make each other moan with pleasure!
Ersties Katie A. & Delfine - Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Pleasure, Penetration and POV
French girl Delfine and Australian girl Katie have a lot of things in common and just can’t keep their hands away from each other. Not that we mind of course, because what they show us in their Intimate Moments shoot with the help of hot POV action would make anyone horny! Elegant and sensual, these girls are ready for a good time!
Ersties Katie A. & Delfine - Lesbian

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