Ersties Lina R - Masturbation - 26 July 2021 (1080p/photo)

28-07-2021, 08:36
Ersties Lina R - Masturbation

Intimate Moments with Lina R.
Everybody misbehaves sometimes, but Lina from Belgium always likes to forget something on the shopping list just so that her boyfriend gives her slaps on the bum as punishment. Of course this makes her pretty horny! She sees masturbating as foreplay because afterwards she just wants to fuck. Today we are allowed to be with her during her foreplay and we are so excited! Lina likes to try out different things depending on what she’s in the mood for, such as sex with women; although she doesn’t describe herself as bisexual; or experimenting with anal plugs, especially when fucking. The cute 21 year old has such a contagious smile and beautifully delicate features, she has us hooked! Welcome to Ersties Lina, we are very excited about your future adventures with us!
Ersties Lina R - Masturbation
Lina has a cute kitten that wants to play with her all the time, but the blonde sometimes just wants to play with herself! Whether it’s vanilla, lesbian or hard sex – Lina just likes to give it a go!
Ersties Lina R - Masturbation

Intimate Moments: She Was Very Naughty…
…and for that she gets her ass spanked! This is Lina's daily life with her boyfriend, and it makes her very horny. Masturbating as foreplay and fucking afterward is the ideal situation for the blonde but today Ersties has Lina all alone, so we can keep her contagious smile amongst other things all to ourselves...
Ersties Lina R - Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Lina Just Can’t Get Enough!
The cute Belgian can switch between being submissive or dominant, but when someone tells her what to do, it makes her really wet. Once she’s turned on, she just can’t get enough! For her first shoot with Ersties, Lina gets very comfortable on her sofa to masturbate with her contagious smile, and her wandering fingers …
Ersties Lina R - Masturbation

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