Ersties Domino & Serafina - Lesbian - 29 July 2021 (1080p/photo)

30-07-2021, 00:28
Ersties Domino & Serafina - Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Every Woman Is a Goddess
For beautiful Serafina, this Intimate Moment with Domino is not only her first time fucking another woman in front of the camera, it’s also her first time fucking a woman at all. Of course, Serafina, who grew up in the USA and lives in Belgium, is super excited and above all curious about how it will turn out! The anatomy is different, but in the end it's sex and Serafina tells herself that it can't be that hard, especially with such an enchanting and open partner like Domino, who has already had many experiences with other women in her life. In fact, Domino has only had sex with two men in her life. Domino has always been very attracted to women, because according to her, women are just divine and beautiful! We wholeheartedly agree, especially as we watch these beauties in this very Intimate Moment!
Ersties Domino & Serafina - Lesbian
This Intimate Moment is filled with first times! Pretty Serafina has never had sex with a woman on camera, rather, she’s never had sex with a woman at all! With such an incredible partner such as Domino, we are sure Serafina is in for an amazing time.
Ersties Domino & Serafina - Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Double First Time
Women are just goddesses, without exception to any body type or appearance. Domino and Serafina agree. For Serafina, this Intimate Moment is the first time that she has sex with one such divine beauty, and in front of a camera too. She likes being licked by Domino, but licking Domino in return also makes Serafina get pretty hot...
Ersties Domino & Serafina - Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Change of Perspective With a Strap-On
Serafina is allowed to have a taste of Domino's strap-on before Domino takes Serafina from behind on the chair. Serafina gets super turned on by this, and gets even wetter when she puts on the strap-on herself and lets Domino sit on her, riding her lustfully. This is a completely new position for Serafina, and one that we’re sure she’ll try again! Beautiful!
Ersties Domino & Serafina - Lesbian

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