Ersties Flora X & Sally B - Lesbian - 4 August 2021 (1080p)

4-08-2021, 22:39
Ersties Flora X & Sally B - Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Switching Roles and Face Sitting
It’s usually Sally who takes on the dominant role when she has sex with another woman, but with Flora it’s different. Sally gets to experience the little-known pleasure of putting herself completely in the hands, and of course the tongue, of another woman. As Flora sits on Sally’s face, spanks her cute ass, then brings Sally to orgasm with a glass dildo… Sally lets herself savour it all, completely. Even after the hot sex, the two beautiful women still have a lot of exciting things to say about gang bangs, porn, sex on Sundays, threesome constellations and open relationships.
Ersties Flora X & Sally B - Lesbian
While licking Flora’s armpits, Sally finds Flora’s taste unbelievably delicious! It doesn’t take long before Flora sits on submissive Sally’s face and gives her a full taste of herself...
Ersties Flora X & Sally B - Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Delicious Facesitting
Flora and Sally prefer open relationships, and both find different threesome arrangements exciting. While Flora and her boyfriend have become familiar with the position of the welcoming couple, Sally usually plays the part of the unicorn being invited. In this Intimate Moment, the two beauties focus their attention on each other, and what attention they give! Flora immediately takes over the more dominant role and lets Sally enjoy lying under her vagina and licking her from below. Hot!
Ersties Flora X & Sally B - Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Hot, Dominant and Close-Up
In the second part of this Intimate Moment, dominant Flora first spanks Sally’s cute ass, then makes her super wet by fingering and licking her vagina, before finally bringing her to orgasm with a glass dildo. That alone is hot enough, but the exciting close-up they give us just before Sally climaxes brings us over the edge.
Ersties Flora X & Sally B - Lesbian

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