Ersties Kisha - Intimate Moments - 9 August 2021 (1080p/photo)

9-08-2021, 22:16
Ersties Kisha - Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Wet and Never Boring
Kisha grew up on a farm and absolutely loves to be in nature. She lives in Mallorca and enjoys exploring the lands around her farm with her dogs. She has had sex in old mines, alongside highways (which she doesn’t recommend), amongst other exciting places. For her, sex just needs to be outside, because Kisha thinks that bed, washing machine and co. sound too cliché for her. Kisha finds pee arousing and animalistic. As exciting and wild as that sounds, Kisha is also a sensitive person and so is her clit. She softly and sensually plays with her clit in this Intimate Moment, with a lot of body fluids until she climaxes.
Ersties Kisha - Intimate Moments
It never gets boring with Kisha! When it comes to sex, the bedroom is not her place of choice, rather, she loves to explore nature and have sex in the outdoors. She also often takes a camera with her on her sexy adventures...
Ersties Kisha - Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Definitely Outdoors
Most people experience sex for the first time in a bed, or maybe in a car. Kisha wants to break this unwritten rule and has decided that having sex in the outdoors is far more superior and fun. Because of this, Kisha has chosen the most perfect place to live. She shows us around in this Intimate Moment, before she delicately plays with her clitoris while letting us watch.
Ersties Kisha - Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments: Kisha Loves Body Fluids
Kisha likes it wet so she gives her vibrator a blowjob in this Intimate Moment, before she starts masturbating with it and stimulating her sensitive clit with a lot of spit and passion. It looks super hot, especially in the close-up on her super wet and pretty pussy.
Ersties Kisha - Intimate Moments

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