Ersties Tina T. & Sofia L. - Lesbian - 16 August 2021 (1080p/photo)

17-08-2021, 01:02
Ersties Tina T. & Sofia L. - Lesbian

Intimate Moments: The Exciting Taste of Pussy
Sofia and Tina have a lot in common. Both live in Prague, love animals, find female breasts sexy and in this Intimate Moment they discover that their pussies look the same. For Tina, it was the first time that she had sex with another woman. Sofia, on the other hand, has known for a long time that although she is bisexual, she is more attracted to women than to men. For her, women are simply more attractive and more beautiful to touch while men tend to feel firm and stiff. Sofia loves pussies and especially loves squirting, and gets super horny when her sex partner squirts on her body. In this Intimate Moment, Tina and Sofia lick each other all over and Sofia gets very hot because Tina's pussy tastes so good.
Ersties Tina T. & Sofia L. - Lesbian
Sofia loves to delay her sex partners’ orgasms because then they come more intensely. Tina gets to experience what this feels like when Sofia takes turns licking and fingering her. As a reward, Tina licks and sucks Sofia so intensely that Sofia climaxes.
Ersties Tina T. & Sofia L. - Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Teasing for More Intensity
Sofia just loves the taste of pussy. She just can’t hold back from even the most exciting book when Tina starts to tease her. The two women from Prague quickly undress each other and Tina gets very turned on by Sofia, finally coming to an intense orgasm after extensive licking and fingering by Sofia.
Ersties Tina T. & Sofia L. - Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Tina’s Licking Technique Lets Sofia Cum Twice
Sofia conjures up a surprise - A vibrator that Tina uses to fuck her in this very hot Intimate Moment in doggy position. Tina then brings Sofia to orgasm by alternately sucking and licking her clit, then letting her come again with the vibrator. After such intense contact, the girls cuddle and reminisce together. It can’t get hotter than this!
Ersties Tina T. & Sofia L. - Lesbian

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