Ersties Kriss R. Masturbation - 2 September 2021 (1080p/photo)

3-09-2021, 03:12
Ersties Kriss R. Masturbation

Intimate Moments with Kriss R.
It’s fun to see each other again - especially when it’s here at Ersties. You probably remember Kriss R., who Leah enjoyed for breakfast a few weeks ago. Now the beautiful Romanian will turn heads again in her first solo session! At home, Kriss spends most of her time at her desk working as a translator. Impressively, she taught herself English through movies and music - what’s hotter than an intelligent woman? Kriss loves to travel because she can practically improve her language skills and gets to learn about new cultures. This year she visited Germany for the second time. The self-confessed beer enthusiast didn’t end up here just because of the art of brewing, but also because of the local tattoo artists. Kriss is very much into tattooed skin and wants to immortalise each of her travels forever in ink on her body. A real dream woman!
Ersties Kriss R. Masturbation
Comics, cats and orgasms - this is the perfect relaxing evening for Kriss. With her first solo session for Ersties, the beautiful Romanian will make all your dirty nerd dreams come true.
Ersties Kriss R. Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Bedtime Stories
Kriss makes our nerd hearts beat faster: The sexy redhead is totally into Star Wars and Marvel comics. How much we wish to chat with her about her favorite superheroes! It stands to reason that Kriss prefers to relax in bed with a book and a cup of tea. Her reading today seems to ignite the imagination in particular: Slowly Kriss’ hands wander over her breasts and between her legs... After extensive caresses she grabs her favourite vibrator and gets going. However, her shoot reaches true intensity with her glass dildo, which gives Kriss a wonderful orgasm.
Ersties Kriss R. Masturbation

Intimate Moments: A Firework of Orgasms
Although Kriss spends hours every day on Tinder, she has had no luck in love so far. That’s hard to believe! She can’t really explain to herself why either. Maybe because in her opinion, men have become too comfortable nowadays. As a modern woman, Kriss has no problem taking the first step, but a little commitment is required! Although she still has some searching until she finds the one, Kriss won’t mope. After all, there are endless other ways to make yourself happy. Kriss’ second video for Ersties has an explosion of orgasms in store for you. The busty beauty gives herself one highlight after another. This is something few guys are capable of!
Ersties Kriss R. Masturbation

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