Ersties Dubsie & Kaisey Lesbian - 3 September 2021 (1080p/photo)

4-09-2021, 02:49
It's just a short hop from San Diego to LA, so it’s not long before Dubsie is with her hot friend Kasey and spilling oil all over her beautiful belly, before taking a wild ride on her and her strap-on dildo...
Ersties Dubsie & Kaisey Lesbian

Intimate Moments: As Natural as Can Be, Naked and Free
Sun-addicted Dubsie has made her way up from San Diego to the big city of LA to visit her friend Kasey for this super hot Intimate Moment. The two girls prefer to be naked and want to spend a lot of time in bed, so they went to the grocery store beforehand, where Kasey made Dubsie take off her panties in the alleyway. Kasey and Dubsie spill the beans on some of their other naughty stories, before devoting themselves to each other’s sweet bushes and dripping massage oil on one another’s stomachs. In the end, Dubsie spoils Kasey’s strap-on dildo with a long and extensive blowjob before riding it until she climaxes.
Ersties Dubsie & Kaisey Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Naked and Natural
In this Intimate Moment, Californian girls Kasey and Dubsie tell us about their wildest sex experiences, before showing off their super beautiful matching underwear… which doesn’t stay on for long, because they like to be naked. The pair can’t get enough of each other, as they unrestrainedly lick each other's sexy bushes, and we can’t get enough of them
Ersties Dubsie & Kaisey Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Oily and Unrestrained
This Intimate Moment gets slippery! Kasey spills some massage oil all over Dubsie's sweet bush until it is completely wet and dripping, before getting a full load on her tummy as well. The two girls lustfully rub their bodies against each other, before Dubsie rides Kasey and her strap-on dildo from front and back.
Ersties Dubsie & Kaisey Lesbian

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