Ersties Zora & Medea Lesbian - 21 September 2021 (1080p/photo)

21-09-2021, 23:27
Ersties Zora & Medea Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Tentacles and Strap-On
For Zora and Medea, it’s important to be open about their sexuality and to communicate to the outside world about what they’re into. In their opinion, sexuality should be talked about more! So, Zora and Medea tell us about their first lesbian experiences and how well kink and spirituality go together for them. The pair like to play with different roles and power, so in this Intimate Moment, Medea and Zora fluidly switch positions while they lick and finger each other, pull each other’s hair and use a tentacle dildo and strap-on as they fuck each other until they climax.
Ersties Zora & Medea Lesbian
Some would say kink, spirituality and slow sex don't go together, but for Medea and Zora they do! In this Intimate Moment, the two have a holistic sexual experience with each other with the help of tentacle dildo and a strap-on.
Ersties Zora & Medea Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Zora Wants It With a Strap-on
Zora's bed has become a familiar place for the Ersties community, and this is exactly where Medea and Zora start kissing, undressing and fingering each other in different positions. This makes Zora so horny that she wants to get fucked with a strap-on. Of course, Medea is more than happy to fulfill this wish.
Ersties Zora & Medea Lesbian

Intimate Moments: Tentacle Sex and Facesitting
In the second part of this Intimate Moment, Zora puts her finger into Medea's mouth and caresses her clitoris before she fucks Medea with the tentacle-shaped dildo. Medea likes it so much that she sits on Zora's face before the pair lick and finger each other's vaginas in this position...
Ersties Zora & Medea Lesbian

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