Ersties Luna S & Veronica B. Lesbian - 27 September 2021 (1080p/photo)

27-09-2021, 22:32
Veronica & Luna love sexual experiments! Luckily, they live in the perfect city for it. It’s not just Berlin that has something to offer though, because these two beauties let off some steam together, giving each other some intense orgasms in the process!
Ersties Luna S & Veronica B. Lesbian

Finding Your Kink
No matter how special or obscure your kink is, in Berlin you will always find someone who shares it. Veronica has come a long way from the City of Angels to Berlin to find her sexual freedom and discover a personal kink - fucking men in the ass with a strap-on. Berlin has provided, giving Veronica some bend-over boyfriends to enjoy fucking. Luna comes from no less sunny Marseille in the south of France, and has also been able to expand her sexual experiences in Berlin! With Ersties, these two sunny beauties collect experiences together, making each other come intensely and passionately.
Ersties Luna S & Veronica B. Lesbian

The Beauty of Coming
The two sun-spoiled women Luna and Veronica have found their sexual freedom under Berlin's grey sky. In Berlin nobody cares when Veronica takes her slave for a walk on a leash through a subway station in the morning. No matter what you are looking for - you will find it in Berlin. The lovely ladies not only share such intimate stories with us about their past, they also tell us how their day was together, such as how beautiful Luna looked to Veronica, mid-orgasm.
Ersties Luna S & Veronica B. Lesbian

Ask Me if I Like It
Luna and Veronica kiss each other's plump lips and delicate nipples, taking time in between kisses to ask each other whether they like it. It’s hot to know how much someone likes it as you pleasure them… especially when Veronica brings Luna to orgasm with her fingers and tongue.
Ersties Luna S & Veronica B. Lesbian

Beauty Everywhere
Veronica finds Luna incredibly beautiful when she is having an orgasm. Luna is completely blown away by the beauty of Veronica's vagina... So much so that she licks and fingers Veronica's vagina intensely before finally making her come with a vibrator.
Ersties Luna S & Veronica B. Lesbian

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