Ersties Alecia Masturbation - 4 October 2021 (1080p/photo)

4-10-2021, 22:47
The Russian soul is deep, drunk and full of dark passions. In this Intimate Moment, Alecia lets you glimpse into her passionate soul as things get very close and personal, from all angles...
Ersties Alecia Masturbation

Intimate Moments with Alecia
Normally Alecia would jet across the world, posing in front of the cameras of various fashion photographers. However since times are not normal, the Russian beauty sits alone at home growing cabbage in front of her light-flooded window, but of course also making time to undress herself for an Intimate Moment with you. Alecia is an artist as well as a model, as we can see in the way she presents herself - beautifully and artistically. This series wouldn't be called Intimate Moments if you didn’t see Alecia pleasuring herself up close! Alecia has a vibrator that cannot replace real body contact, but still lets herself writhe and moan to its touches...
Ersties Alecia Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Home Alone
At the moment Alecia is often stuck at home alone which can get quite lonely, especially for someone who usually travels the world. Now tied to her bed, Alecia was very happy that she could make an Intimate Moment video for you! Happiness in misery for us! Alecia lets us watch very closely as she passes the time, using her vibrator and fingers to pleasure herself from all angles.
Ersties Alecia Masturbation Ersties Alecia Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Alecia Will Get You Horny
All of our Intimate Moments thrive on the personal intimacy with our Ersties girls and Alecia is no exception! She lets us get very close as she masturbates intensely with her vibrator. In the end, beautiful and spent, she can’t say much, except to say that she wants to do it all again, with another Ersties girl. The thought of another shoot with Alecia makes us horny all over again!
Ersties Alecia Masturbation Ersties Alecia Masturbation

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