Ersties Ophelia Masturbation - 11 October 2021 (1080p/photo)

11-10-2021, 23:24
Ersties Ophelia Masturbation

Intimate Moments with Ophelia
Ophelia is constantly looking for new impressions and experiences that broaden her horizons and challenge her senses. This ongoing search for intensity is an inexhaustible fountain of youth for the beautiful Bulgarian. Colours and smells have a particular effect on Ophelia, such as those of a flower. Her favourite flowers are lilies, which she has displayed in vases throughout her home. Passionate Ophelia believes that love shouldn’t be restricted so it can develop freely, and she fondly dreams of free love without shame or stigma. She would prefer a world where people could live out their innermost fantasies and where sexual education is taught and practiced. Ophelia not only thinks about free love, but also actively acts out her desire for it. She shares a wonderfully hot and steamy Intimate Moments shoot with us... Would you like to join her in the tub?
Ersties Ophelia Masturbation Ersties Ophelia Masturbation
Ersties Ophelia Masturbation Ersties Ophelia Masturbation
Ophelia, water and her Satisfyer. Unlike Shakespeare, this Intimate Moment’s climax is not a turning point to misfortune but the prelude to even more hot orgasms...
Ersties Ophelia Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Hot and Dripping Wet
An exciting book at hand, Ophelia lets water run into the tub. Contrary to Shakespeare's ideas, there is no despair here! Instead, pleasure overtakes our beautiful Ophelia as she begins to stroke her legs before bringing herself to an intense orgasm with her Satisfyer and fingers. No hesitant Hamlet needed!
Ersties Ophelia Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Ophelia Cums Multiple Times
Wet from the bath water and wrapped in a towel, Ophelia looks at herself extensively in her bedroom mirror and begins to caress herself with relish. She then stretches out on her bed, using her fingers to bring herself to climax multiple times.
Ersties Ophelia Masturbation

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