Ersties Line and Medea Lesbian - 15 October 2021 (1080p/photo)

15-10-2021, 22:39
Line has wanted to have her first girl-girl experience for some time! Luckily, we were allowed to be there when she met Medea and her tentacle and dragon dildos. The girls both like it a little harder, and most of all they love to be licked.
Ersties Line and Medea Lesbian

Sex Releases Tension
For Medea, it’s important for her to articulate her various thoughts and feelings, so she writes novels and poems, and now she’s even writing a script about everything that concerns her. She finds it very freeing, and says it’s the same with sex, because sex can relax the nervous system. Lina wholeheartedly agrees - “Fuck the Pain Away”, as Peaches so eloquently puts it. And that’s what the two girls do here! Medea was inspired by her first girl-girl experience with Ersties, so today she has brought two fantastic toys that the pair try on each other. For Line on the other hand, it's her first ever lesbian experience and we are curious what inspiration she will draw from this hot encounter with Medea and her tentacle toy. Afterward, Line and Medea look so relaxed, it’s as if the mental liberation through sex worked perfectly. They definitely enjoyed it, to say the least!
Ersties Line and Medea Lesbian

Medea and Line Like It Hard and the Boys Have to Suffer
Medea likes anal sex when it's hard. She also enjoys making her boyfriend suffer with cuckold roleplays. Line is not so sure about anal sex yet, although the 19 year old is really into hard sex and tight gagging. In this interview, we asked what other sexual fantasies the two of them want to live out...
Ersties Line and Medea Lesbian

Just, Wow!
Line and Medea both have gorgeous long hair. This alone is already so sexy, but it gets even hotter when the pair kiss, take off their sexy underwear, and especially when Medea starts fucking Line with her tentacle dildo.
Ersties Line and Medea Lesbian

Line’s First Girl-Girl
It’s Line’s first time having sex with another woman, and she obviously enjoys herself immensely! She gets Medea wet and horny with her fingers and tongue, before fucking Medea with a fantastic dildo until she orgasms.
Ersties Line and Medea Lesbian

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