Ersties Ramona R. Masturbation - 18 October 2021 (1080p/photo)

19-10-2021, 01:01
With her accent and cute freckles, Ramona might seem a little innocent at first glance, but the 34-year-old American turns out to be a wild girl who loves to play with toys.
Ersties Ramona R. Masturbation

Wild Freckled Beauty
As a baby, Ramona had already moved halfway around the globe. Now she has been living in Germany for nine years, which is where she met her husband. Moving to Germany meant saying goodbye to the four seasons and giving herself up to German’s grey weather. That’s quite a sacrifice for the outdoor sex-loving beauty, but luckily in Hessen there are still some woods for sexy rendevous with her husband. When Ramona wants more, she travels to places such as Greece, where she had enjoyable loud and undisturbed outdoor sex on a boat trip. Today, Ramona indulges us with her whole body, which is sprinkled with sexy freckles. She caresses herself all over, then brings herself to two intense orgasms with vibrators, an anal dildo, and many other hot toys...
Ersties Ramona R. Masturbation

Outdoor Sex and the Four Seasons
Ramona tells us how it feels to have grown up in the USA and to now live in Germany. A huge difference are the seasons, which Germany lacks in its distinctiveness, but are elementary for outdoor sex. But luckily, Ramona loves to travel for that.
Ersties Ramona R. Masturbation

Tender and Intense
Ramona gently strokes her body from head to toe with her fingers. She takes her time and not only gets herself going, but us as well. Then, the red-haired beauty gets wild with the help of two vibrators.
Ersties Ramona R. Masturbation

Awoken With Kisses From Three Toys
At the beginning, Ramona still seems in a daze from her first orgasm while she runs her fingers over her naked body. Soon, her caresses quickly unfurl their effects and Ramona climaxes for the second time with the help of an anal dildo and a lot of other toys, which she uses simultaneously.
Ersties Ramona R. Masturbation

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