Ersties Lana L and Line Lesbian - 27 October 2021 (1080p/photo)

27-10-2021, 22:11
Ersties Lana L and Line Lesbian

Sex Talk with Lana and Line
Girls who talk about sex so openly suggest to us that their sex life is very fulfilled and full of fun, lust and passion. Lana and Line from Germany love sex and experiment a lot, especially with their partners. Therefore, they are very welcome here at Ersties! It also just so happens that Lana has two firsts today… her first girl/girl and her first time with Ersties! The cute Germans’ looks and bodies can’t be more diverse (except for their tattoos), but they love to share their sexual experiences and fantasies with each other. Playing with handcuffs, anal, bondage and roleplaying is what they both fancy in bed and today they have even brought some of their toys. Perfectly matched in every way! If you’re horny just by the look of Lana and Lina, we can’t blame you! Just listen and enjoy their alluring girl and girl!
Ersties Lana L and Line Lesbian
Lana and Line love to talk about their sex lives so much that it almost makes us envious! It was only recently that the cute Germans started to be attracted to girls, and for Lana this shoot is a debut in many ways!
Ersties Lana L and Line Lesbian Ersties Lana L and Line Lesbian

Two Happy and Relaxed Faces…
…in front of the Ersties camera are a good sign of an amazing shoot! And for Lana it is a premiere times two – It’s her first time here with Ersties, and sex with a woman. With Line, it looks like Lana has found the perfect partner on the first try. They both have very fulfilled sex lives that they enjoy with their partners. Now they can add an alluring lesbian experience…
Ersties Lana L and Line Lesbian

“Surprise Me…”
Surprises are always a good idea, particularly here at Ersties. Blonde-haired Lana likes to get herself into such surprises and puts her trust in her gorgeous black-haired partner and from the beginning, Lana and Line enjoy their intimate time together. 19-year-old Line quickly takes the reins and the pussy of the 20-year-old blonde, who loves her first time as much as we do!
Ersties Lana L and Line Lesbian

A Soft, Sensual and Sexy Massage for Line
Come on, who can resist a sensual oily massage, especially when it’s on Line’s incredibly hot body!? Lana takes this perfect opportunity to also slide her fingers down between Line’s legs, although she can’t resist the desire of also performing oral sex. Well, nobody holds this against her as this gives us the most amazing closing scene!
Ersties Lana L and Line Lesbian

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