Ersties Rita P - Masturbation - 13 November 2021 (1080p/photo)

14-11-2021, 00:14
Ersties Rita P - Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Sensitive and Pink
Masturbation is something very special for Rita. She absolutely loves to satisfy herself, so if she had the choice between a delicious cake and an orgasm, Rita would always choose an orgasm. Even in her school days, she couldn't think of anything but sex all day and was forever waiting until she could finally stand in the shower in the evening and touch herself. This is still the case today. Rita prefers to masturbate lying down. For sex, she needs a lot of physical contact with herself or her partner. In this Intimate Moment, Rita relaxes on her sofa cushions while touching her whole body all over. She then stimulates her pink pussy until she comes to an orgasm.
Ersties Rita P - Masturbation Ersties Rita P - Masturbation
Rita knows what she wants. If she had to choose between a delicious cake and an orgasm, an orgasm would always be her choice. She can’t think of having food without sex anyway. We agree, especially with a girl as tasty as Rita...
Ersties Rita P - Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Pink Fantasy
Rita uses her imagination a lot when she masturbates. Sometimes she just lets her imagination take hold, thinking long and intensely about something exciting without touching herself. Rita tells us that around 80 percent of her daily thoughts are about sex. In this Intimate Moment, Rita takes plenty of time to caress her body and pink pussy, giving it the attention it deserves.
Ersties Rita P - Masturbation

Intimate Moments: Rita and Her Sweet Booty
Rita prefers to satisfy herself in a lying position. When the desire becomes very strong, as in this Intimate Moment, she turns around and touches herself from behind. To do this, she uses her hands and one of her toys, because Rita loves to have a full feeling inside of her when she is masturbating.
Ersties Rita P - Masturbation

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