Ersties Serafina and Jasmina Lesbian - 17 November 2021 (1080p/photo)

18-11-2021, 02:45
Serafina likes to be penetrated in both her pussy and her ass at the same time. Jasmina also expresses her desire to play with an anal plug and a Magic Wand. This is definitely the beginning of an amazing shoot!
Ersties Serafina and Jasmina Lesbian

Wild Cat on the Couch
Jasmina has never had a date go badly before. Maybe it’s because she is always careful to choose who she meets for sexy rendezvous. Today she has chosen to spend her precious time with Ersties wild cat Serafina. And this date has turned out to be an absolute success. But before the pair get down to business in bed and Jasmina climaxes under Serafina's skillful tongue and hands, the two girls sit on the sofa and draw our Ersties’ question cards. The pair start a conversation and immediately agree that they don’t like to put labels on their sexual inclinations. Serafina tells us that she prefers to masturbate with a vibrator because it can do something that the human body cannot. Serafina is also into double penetration, so the girls use a vibrator and dildo on each other, and Jasmina also has the pleasure of using an anal plug for the first time.
Ersties Serafina and Jasmina Lesbian Ersties Serafina and Jasmina Lesbian

What Does Beauty Mean to You?
Serafina is attracted to people who are comfortable and satisfied with their lives. Jasmina fulfils this requirement, as she doesn’t regret anything she has done because all the choices she has ever made are a part of who she is now. Serafina agrees, but there is one thing in her life that she would like to spend less time with.
Ersties Serafina and Jasmina Lesbian

Permission to Play With the Anal Plug?
Serafina's slip opens like a gift and reveals her naked body, which Jasmina covers with kisses from top to bottom. Jasmina then asks the beautiful Serafina for permission to penetrate her with an anal plug. With this wish she seems to have read Serafina's excited mind...
Ersties Serafina and Jasmina Lesbian

Beautifully Shaped Vibrator
The two beauties make their way from the sofa into the bedroom, where Serafina makes Jasmina wet with a vibrating leaf, before they finger each other passionately. Serafina then uses a vibrator and dildo at the same time to make Jasmina climax.
Ersties Serafina and Jasmina Lesbian

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