Ersties Lauren & Kitty K. Lesbian - 2 December 2021 (1080p/photo)

2-12-2021, 23:19
Red knees, facesitting, hard nipples – Lauren and Kitty show us how hot lesbian sex can be! The girls couldn’t be more contrary but in the bedroom their desire for action prevails.
Ersties Lauren & Kitty K. Lesbian

The Best Oral Sex From South Germany
Lauren and Kitty are well-known here at Ersties and now they have finally had their first shoot together! If you want to see how amazing hot lesbian sex can be, then don’t miss this one! Nobody can resist Lauren’s sensual look or Kitty’s cheeky tooth gap… especially with such sexy lingerie! The girls from South Germany have three things in common: they work in the medical sector, they love to be out in nature and they like to fuck... a lot! Apart from that, their preferences are different, but opposites attract each other, especially in bed! Kitty is adventurous and likes outdoor sex, Lauren however prefers it classic and in the bedroom. Today you’re lucky because you get a mix of both!
Ersties Lauren & Kitty K. Lesbian

From Medicine to Ersties
As a med student and dental technician, Lauren and Kitty work in the same sector, and now thanks to Ersties they’ve gotten to know each other in a very intimate way… Although they have their individual preferences (Kitty loves outdoor sex and Lauren prefers more classic sex at home), they find a lot of similarities in their shoot. That’s all we’ll say for now, so watch and see for yourself!
Ersties Lauren & Kitty K. Lesbian

Hard, Harder, Kitty’s Nipple!
Lauren’s sensual look and sexy curves are just irresistible, so this shoot between the two southern German girls gets hot very quickly! Surrounded by the charming decor of a typical Berlin flat, Kitty lets herself be spoiled in every way possible and her flexibility pays off. With fingers, tongues and toys, everyone gets their money’s worth!
Ersties Lauren & Kitty K. Lesbian

Ravishing Until Climax
Lauren is still wearing her gorgeous leotard but luckily for us and for her, there are buttons between her legs that can’t wait to be popped open, so that Kitty can get to her object of desire as quickly as possible. What is more exciting than facesitting? We say 69 with a lot of moaning from two incredibly horny girls…
Ersties Lauren & Kitty K. Lesbian

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