Ersties Tara T & Mira M - The Yet Unknown Friend - 27 December 2021 (1080p/photo)

27-12-2021, 23:09
Mira and Tara don’t get anything out of boring dates. If the chemistry is right, the sex becomes lustful and passionate. This first date between the two girls shows just how right they are with their observations...
Ersties Tara T & Mira M. Lesbian

The Yet Unknown Friend
Tara and Mira got to know each other over the internet. Before they met in person, the pair had only spoken on the phone once, but during that call they found out they have a lot in common. That dampened the nervousness and expectations, because both girls had the feeling they were meeting a friend who they just haven't met yet. There were a few reasons for stage fright, but they quickly evaporated. It was Tara’s first time sleeping with a woman, and for Mira it was a completely new situation to be filmed while having sex. It was a great pleasure to see the two girls enjoying their date very much, and we are so happy that everything felt good and right for them. In Mira's perfect world, everyone should be bisexual because that would help overcome prejudices faster. For Tara, this lesbian experience is something that she has wanted to try for a long time, and has now figured out that she really likes it. Watch their shoot to find out just how much the girls enjoyed their time together...
Ersties Tara T & Mira M. Lesbian Ersties Tara T & Mira M. Lesbian

Diversity of Feelings
We are always excited to learn from our girls how they reached orgasm and what felt good for them, because in this way we experience how diverse sensations can be. Tara and Mira also tell us when and how they climaxed, and give a few other intimate insights into their feelings and thoughts about this erotic date.
Ersties Tara T & Mira M. Lesbian

Tara’s First Time
This date is like a little present for Mira because it's been a while since she had the pleasure of sleeping with a woman. For 21-year-old Tara, this shoot is her first lesbian experience ever. That's why Mira takes the lead here and sensitively brings Tara to orgasm with her tongue and fingers.
Ersties Tara T & Mira M. Lesbian

Facesitting and Eye Contact
When Mira feels good, she enjoys sitting on her partner's face. She doesn't even need to do that with Tara, because the 21 year old lies down under Mira by herself and licks her from below. In the end, Mira and Tara both orgasm lying on their backs while making eye contact.
Ersties Tara T & Mira M. Lesbian

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